You like good sauces, but we must admit that it have a price. Especially when you consume it daily like any true Chili-Head who respects himself!
So no need to look further my friend, this page will give you all the tricks that will allow you to fill your fridge (and that of your job) without emptying your bank account.

The strong sauces technique

ExtremeFirst, it is absolutely undeniable that the stronger are the sauces, the more profitable they are. In general, stronger hot sauces are more expensive, which can calm you down at first. But after calculation, the majority of people will take more than 12 months to finish a sauce with a heat of 7 or 8/8, while a sauce with a heat of 1 or 2/8 will often end in less than a month.
For exemple, you will put a lot less of Psycho Juice 70% Scorpion in your burger than how much you’d put Gringo Bandito Original.
So you don’t have to be afraid of a sauce about twenty francs but rather tell you that it is an investment paid back already in the second month.
To master this technique, you must learn to serve the sauce more sparingly. Because anyone is able to eat any sauce. It’s just a question of dosing correctly. Finished this old reflex to saucer until the dish color change, with this technique, it is you who are responsible for the intensity of your meals.
And do not worry about conservation, the sauces do not rot. So you have time to finish them at your own pace.

The wisdom of sales

Just take a look at the Sales section. Maybe the sauce you’re looking for is there and you’ll save money.

The tip of the newsletter

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The frequency of my emails? My experiences take me a lot of my time, so I’d say once a week would be the maximum.
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The secret of Best Before

In Switzerland (and everywhere else in the world), there are two categories of products. Perishable (typically meat) and non-perishable (honey, salt, etc.). Hot sauces, BBQ sauces and dried spices are non-perishable. This means that you can eat them in 1 year, or 2 or 10 or 100 and no report has, so far, reported a deterioration of health because of these products “past dated”. By the way, when was the last time you thought your salt was rotten? Do you remember? No, and that’s normal.
In Switzerland, to find out which products are non-perishable, read the label. If it says “Best before” it is non-perishable, there you can go. At the opposite, if it’s written « Good until” then it is perishable, it is necessary to be careful. Non-perishable products are officially salable after the date of best before.Poulpy BestBefore
So why do we put dates on it then? Because the law requires us to give a limit in time until when the product “does not change”. And after a while the ink on the sauce labels tends to fade. Lighter sauces also tend to become darken over time.
In short, all this to say that if your sauce exceeds the date, so do not throw it! It is still good to eat.
But moreover, you will find on some sauces that have exceeded their best before dates with a broken price (same price as HotSauce, but for the triple of sauce delivered!)

The omniscience of the initiates

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