The hot sauce e-shop in Switzerland

Welcome to Dr HotSauce’s spicy world

You’ll find hot sauces on this website, either imported from other countries, summoned from the depth of hell or local swiss creations.
For the thrill-enthusiasts, these tasty chili sauces will fit perfectly your various meals. From pizza to tacos, all the way through veggies, chicken, BBQ’s and even cocktails.
The pain aficionados will even be to challenge themselves in the “extreme” category, with sauces so hot the spice become unbearable.
On Hotsauce, you’ll find hot sauce, buffalo sauce and barbecue sauce as well as my other spicy surprises. Created out of jalapeno, habanero, serrano, naga, espelette pepper, tabasco peppers an many others.
Get your hot sauce delivered to your home or find it at HotSauce partner restaurants.

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