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Exclusively on our site, I’m proud to have discovered TorchBearer, hot sauces that look pretty fun, and obviously a massacre for the taste buds.

A group of three friends who started their hot sauce creations with Habanero chiles, picked from their garden so as not to waste anything. The story continued with their winning of three national awards at the Cajun Hot Sauce Festival in the beginning, and now they continue to surprise us with their increasingly tasty and surprising recipes.

– Son of Zombie: A mix of Chipotle BBQ, garlic and honey. Let’s say it’s everyone’s favorite sauce, a taste of the end of the world.

– Zombie Apocalypse: Be surprised by this mix of Bhut Jolokia and Habanero Peppers with some tangerine, carrot and orange, plus a mix of spices, vinegar and oil to create this almost sweet but apocalyptically spicy sauce.

– Garlic Reaper: Causing the vampires around you to flee, this sauce has a slow, delayed burn. The Carolina Reaper will wake you up as soon as your tongue tastes the first drop. It smells great, the garlic flavor is present in just the right way, and the appearance of the sauce looks a little bit like pesto. (attention mustard).


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orange, Carolina Reaper, carrot, cider vinegar, garlic, honey, lemon juice, mandarin, mustard, oil, tomato, vinegar


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