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Hard-Rock singer Alice Cooper has stepped out of his favourite sphere and brings us his range of 3 Hot Sauces, ready to get your taste buds going!

‘Welcome To My Nightmare’ is the sweetest sauce of the trio. It is made from medium-hot Serrano chillies and green lemon. The description says: “The robust flavour of garlic and a hint of cumin will make you feel right at home with this Southwestern sauce”. A beautiful promise!

No More Mr. Nice Guy is the medium spicy one of the trio. In its cute little bottle, the bright orange sauce is made from aged red Habanero peppers for a balance of spiciness and flavour that makes it irresistible. We can read on its presentation: ‘I was something so sweet and sugary… Until I got my hands on this sauce’!

Poison’ is the spiciest of the trio, and spicy is putting it mildly as it is made from Reapper chilli, one of the strongest in the world. “Your senses will tell you to stop when you feel the Reapper chillies running through your veins with Poison” … To connoisseurs!

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dried garlic, dried onion, lemon extract, black pepper, Carolina Reaper, cumin, salt, serrano pepper, sugar, vinegar


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