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Your plan is fixed ? The spice’s strategy is concrete and you think you can go on ? Of course, you think it’s pretty simple. For all the meat or on the grill cooked you expected to use the Psycho Spice Chipotle. For crude vegetables or sweet and sour dishes, you thought to use the Psycho Spice Sichuan. And of course, you though about the Psycho Spice Original to accompany starchy foods (pasta, pizza etc). Depending on what you eat you need one of them. Logic.
Yes … Yes it is. But your plan has a flaw ! How you will do when you cook a chocolate beef ? Hu ? how ?
Beef requires the Chipotle, the slightly sweet sauce request the Sichuan one and for accompanying you shall necessarily cook mashed potatoes or polenta, so therefore you need the Original one… It’s dead. You need a set of three spices otherwise, you’ll running to disaster.
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black pepper, Cayenne pepper, garlic powder, Ghost Pepper, lemon peel, Morita pepper, onion powder, oregano, paprika, salt, sichuan pepper, thyme


3 x 45g


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