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Psycho BBQ & Wing Set


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As you know, pass a good barbecue is 50% an organizational matter. So I propose here a basic set (I should say survival set !) to put a good dose of spiciness on your grill.
The Psycho BBQ with its smoky and sweet flavor at the same time is perfect to with beef or pork, while Psycho Wing with spices is dedicated to chicken and turkey.
So no more excuses from now, arm yourself with your cooking brush and whitewashes your meat you then cook over low heat, and finally ignites your gourmet getaways at the lakeside !
gluten free

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2 x 375ml


acetic acid, anchovy, apple vinegar, brown sugar, butter flavour, cane vinegar, Cayenne pepper, cinnamon, citric acid, cloves, garlic, Ghost Pepper, Habanero pepper, hickory smoke flavour, honey, mustard, olive oil, onion, soya oil, tabasco pepper, tamarind, tomato paste, turmeric, water, xanthan gum


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