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Mic’s Chilli – Of Foam and Fury
The spicy sauce “Of Foam and Fury” created by Mic’s Chilli is a very strong sauce made with Habanero pepper and beer (double IPA).

Mic’s Chilli – Naga Knockdown
This hot sauce from Mic’s Chilli (a crazy Irishman) is prepared with Naga Jolokia pepper (Ghost Pepper). But beware, Mic doesn’t like sloppy work, that’s why, here is half of the bottle that contains this explosive chilli pepper.

Mic’s Chillo – Trouble Trinidad
With its 50% Trinidad Scorpion pepper, Mic’s Chilli’s Trouble in Trinidad will give you the taste of fire in your mouth. Indeed, this spicy sauce contains enough bite and heat to make even the most experienced Chili-Heads live an intense experience.

Mic’s Chilli – Voodoo Reaper
Anyone who loves the Carolina Reaper chilli pepper will love this hot sauce unconditionally. 50% of the Voodoo Reaper being filled with the chilli pepper. The heat wave does not hold a candle to it.

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hops, Yellow Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, Carolina Reaper, Habanero pepper


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