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Junior Inferno
A spicy sauce perfect for initiating novices to the world of chili.
The Inferno Junior by Mic’s Chilli is made with a Habanero chilli. It is a sweet and aromatic sauce that plays on the flavor of its fruit.

Inferno Lite
This creation of Mic’s Chilli is dedicated to the lovers of the Habanero chili.
In each bottles of “Inferno Lite Sauce », you can find three Habanero that bring just the little boost and the delicious flavor of this fruit to your recipes.

This sauce (Inferno Sauce) could be considered as the original one from Mic’s Chilli. With a good heat, it brings the perfect balance between the fruity flavor and the warmth of the Habanero chile.

Inferno Extreme
This terrifying hot sauce made up of 12 Habanero chili peppers is destined for the Chili Heads whose’s looking for a thrills. Mic’s Chilli’s Inferno Extreme has a very fruity flavorful taste that will brings Habanero’s rich fragrance to your recipes.

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allspice, carrot, garlic, Habanero pepper, lemon juice, onion, red chili, salt, vinegar, water, xanthan gum


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