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Our newest addition from High River Sauce, it’s awfully good and has enough to warm and warm your mouth again. The peppers are infused with Tequila, as well as blueberries and peaches and raspberries are added to the recipe. Chocolate Bhutlah pepper and Carolina Reaper pepper are added to the recipe to give the strength and taste you are looking for. This spicy sauce from High River Sauce, will mix perfectly with salmon or cheese bagels. To give a pep’s touch to your cocktail sauce for dips. Or just to spread on your Gruyère or Emmental cheese. Yummy! We’ll wake up at night just for a taste break.

vegan gluten free

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apple vinegar, blueberry, brown sugar, Carolina Reaper, Fatalii Pepper, garlic, Ghost Pepper, ginger, lemon juice, molasse, peach, raspberry, Scorpion Chili Pepper, sugar, tequila, water


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