Hellfire • Devils Gold


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This hot sauce by the name of Devil’s Gold is a creation which only Hellfire has the secret. His angelic sweetness of exotic fruits and cinnamon cross explosive chillies grown by Satan himself (7 pod, Ghost Pepper, Scorpion and Fatali chilies), make it a crazy sauce !
Gold medalist in 2013 by the NYC Hot Sauce Expo in the fruity sauces “hot” category, this chili recipe that this ideal with African, exotic recipes and dessert cheeses.
Well yeah, I told you this is the sauce of extremes sides.
vegetariangluten free

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7 Pod Pepper, cinnamon, distilled vinegar, Fatalii Pepper, garlic, Ghost Pepper, honey, lemon juice, papaya, Pear, pineapple, salt, Scorpion Chili Pepper, Scotch Bonnet Pepper


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