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Introducing the Hellboy clan of Hellfire in conjunction with the popular Hellboy movies coming out in 2019:

  • Hellboy Anung Un Rama the milk that is given to devils to drink. A terrible mix of chilies and spices prepared by  Hellfire, known for these tasty Hot Sauce with fantastic texture and incredibly mouthwatering flavor. This one is no exception. It is made from Cayenne, Jalapeño, 7 Pot Primo, Orange Habanero, Trinidad Scorpion and Jolokia. The explosive mix is combined with some cumin, coriander, tomatoes and lemon/lime juice for a wonderful result.
  •  Hellboy Legendary is for you if you are You are a person who dislikes sweet, undecided flavors, particularly when it comes to a slice of meat or the best barbecue recipe.  Strong flavors have always bewitched you and given you many pleasant sensations. There is no doubt that you will fall in love with this Hellboy hot sauce, as every millimeter of your tongue will not miss these many spicy flavors. This sauce is made from a mix of several ingredients including of course the famous 85 % concentrated Carolina Repear chili, known as the most potent chili in the world. After this fiery transition, the taste of garlic and cumin will give a slight hint, but this soon fades as the Trinidad Scorpion chiles come in and knock you out. This sauce is super hot but so good!

  •  Hellfire Hellboy Extreme You’re looking to add flavor to your dishes. You want your palate to go up in flames after every bite, so we suggest you try this Hellfire Hellboy Extreme. In fact, the name alone indicates quite explicitly that you can produce a real fire with just a drop of this sauce on meat, pizza or any other dish. Composed of more than 85 % chili without capsaicin extract, this product should be consumed in moderation to fully enjoy the tasting. But beware, this is not the worst!

  • Hellboy The Right Hand of Doom is the ultimate experience, You don’t just want a little tingle in your mouth when you eat, but rather you crave a true out-of-the-blue taste experience that will turn you into a devil. Well, this Hellboy The Right Hand of Doom hot sauce is just the missing element on your plate. Take the devil out of the bottle, and don’t wait for it to be opened to bring it out into the open, for your simple meals or for fun with friends, enjoy the thrill of 6.66 million capsaicin extracts, you will understand why the right hand is coming down on you! Welcome to hell.

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7 Pod Pepper, capsaicin extract, Carolina Reaper, Cayenne pepper, cider vinegar, coriander, cumin, garlic, Ghost Pepper, mustard, onion, Scorpion Chili Pepper, tomato, trinidad moruga scorpion pepper, turmeric, vinegar, xanthan gum


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