Crazy Bastard Sauce • Jalapeno & Date


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Crazy Bastard Sauce Jalapeno & Date is a German hot sauce who joined the Crazy B sauces in July 2014.
Refreshing and refined, it is distinguished by its blend of peppers such as Jalapeno, the Poblano and a fruity taste that comes from the dates in this Green 100 ml flask.
100% natural, no added sugar or capsaicin, the excellent hot sauce is perfect for salads, raw foods, burritos and all kinds of recipes based on meat.
Personally, I like it so much that I eat it with a spoon !
vegangluten free

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charleston pepper, Red onion, sea salt, Cayenne pepper, coriander, date, garlic, jalapeno pepper, lime, olive oil, Poblano chili, white wine vinegar




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