Hellfire · Chocolate Cherry Hell


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You will have understood, Hellfire surprises us every time. Whether it’s by the taste or by the visuals, we’re in for a treat!
It’s no wonder that with this new sauce you’re going to love it. A sweet and surprising mix of cherry, chocolate and bourbon, as well as plums, blueberries and honey, like a good warm cake coming out of the oven in the middle of winter. And then, Boom!
Chocolate Habanero pepper to enhance the strength of this Chocolate Cherry Hell sauce.
Imagine a good brownie, dark chocolate icing mixed with a teaspoon of this Hellfire bottle. I’m dying because it’s so intoxicating and orgasmic!

gluten free

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black cherry, bourbon, Anaheim pepper powder, Chocolate Habanero Pepper, honey, pear juice, raisins, vanilla extract, vinegar


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