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This Cholula hot sauce is made with chipotle pepper, chili Arbol, the Guajillo chili and chili Piquin. This blend of chilies gives it a smoky tasty flavor ! At the same level of heat than its sister, the Cholula “Original” (about 1,000 scoville), it still surprises with its soft caramel taste and brings an incredible grilled bacon flavor. Perfect to for your burritos or your chili con carne, this mexican hot sauce, with its lovely wooden plug, has become an essential piece of the perfect little chili head set.

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allspice, apple vinegar, arbol chile, caramel, chipotle, citric acid, Guajillo chili, natural flavors, Pequin chili, salt, silicium dioxide, sugar, water, white vinegar, xanthan gum


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