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Chilli Alchemist · Hot candy set


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Finally a bit of sweetness on HotSauce huuuu … actually … No! Tasty spicy candy and not cool at all!

This assortment of candies that sparkle in the mouth is composed of :
· Original Super Melliculus Chili
· Melliculus Tropicus with Scotch Bonnet
· Melliculus Aji Aji Lemon with chili and Sichuan pepper
· Melliculus the Carolina Reaper Reaper

The Alchemist has once again managed a troubling but delicious concoction that will remain no one indifferent. With this set that varies intensity from mild to very spicy, you can finally choose between reward or punish children! And for the adults, they will remember very quickly that we should not accept candy from stranger… Especially not from a chili-head!

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4 x 12g


carbon Dioxide, cocoa butter, coconut, glucose, lactose, Lemon Aji pepper, mix of peppers, smoked Carolina Reaper, lime juice, rapeseed oil, Scotch Bonnet Pepper, sichuan pepper, sugar


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