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This spicy sauce from Born to Hula is a Habanero pepper recipe with Ancho pepper and a good dose of smoked Ghost pepper to support its unique character. Without added salt or sugar, this spicy sauce brings a slow rise that remain in the mouth. It is fruity, vinegary and subtly smoked. Ghost of Ancho sauce is excellent for chili con carne burritos, burger and all recipes containing red meat.

This recipe without added salt or sugar won many awards.

2nd Place Pepper Blend
“The Hot Pepper Awards”

2nd Place Superhots / Unique
“The Hot Pepper Awards”

2014 :
1st Place Bhut Jolokia “Chile Pepper Awards”
1st Place Pepper Golden Blend Chile Winner “Fiery Food Challenge”
Awarded Best Hot Sauce Zestfest at “Fiery Food Challenge”
Awarded Best Overall Zestfest at the “Fiery Food Challenge”
2nd Place Pepper Blend “Screaming Mi Mi Awards”

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Ancho pepper, cumin, distilled vinegar, garlic, Ghost Pepper, Habanero pepper, lime, onion powder, Pepper, salt, xanthan gum


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