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American Stockyard · Southern Blues


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Imagine the taste of barbecue sauce. Now imagine the vanilla flavor and… fusion !
Honestly, this slightly spicy sauce has a sweet taste really different from others ones. On the grill, it will transcend your ribs, will bring a touch of originality to the beef and amaze your friends. With its parfum of spices, you can even use it you to help you for those morning when you have no jam to put on your toast (yes, tested and approved with a little butter).
In summary, it’s a real little UFO in the world of BBQ sauces that American Stockyard Southern Blues, and the whole is “All natural” gluten free and without any corn syrup (Satan, Satan!).
I’d like to says, doff hat to Kansas !
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dried garlic, dried onion, allspice, brown sugar, chili powder, cider vinegar, distilled vinegar, garlic powder, molasse, natural smoke flavor, onion powder, salt, sugar, tamarind, tomato puree, vanilla extract, water




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