Habanero pepper

Family: Solanaceae
Genus: Capsicum
Species: Capsicum Chinense
Cultivar: Red Savina, Chocolate, etc.

First called Javanero (from Java Island) this pepper was falsely called Habanero because of the Spanish pronunciation.
Habanero pepper, also known as Caribbean pepper or Cabri pepper, is a pepper native to Mexico.
Between 100’000 is 550’000 Scovilles units this hot pepper is prized by true lovers of spicy flavors.
Habanero is very fruity and is therefore frequently used for the creation of hot sauces.
The many varieties of this fruit allow creations as spicy as colorful. It is possible to find red, green, yellow, orange and even white Habanero peppers.
During your spicy preparations, it is strongly recommended to use gloves and a mask to avoid any burns and irritation due to the power of this fruit.

Hot sauces with Habanero pepper