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Habanero, carrot, mango and rum (I almost sang you the song by Soldat Louis, every time I read or wrote the word rum, but p’schut doesn’t say anything to anyone.) Si Senor’s Déjà Voodoo hot sauce is a rock’n’roll hot sauce, the Habanero comes straight to the tongue, then softens. Personally I felt the taste of the carrot at the end. I really liked this little moment of taste and the end note with this spicy sauce. And it’s the last one on the scale for the moment. I would recommend it for red meat, vegetables, pasta and vegetable puff pastry. In a good pasta salad or Russian salad it can make its nice little effect with the Habanero.

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orange juice, sea salt, cane sugar, carrot, cider vinegar, curry, dark rum, garlic, ginger, mango, mustard powder, onion, Scotch Bonnet Pepper, water


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