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In the demolition package, you’ll find hot-sauces able to train your taste-buds for the discovery of the marvelous world that is chili pepper.

The hot sauce 70% Habanero is a fruity Habanero sauce with a hint of lemon.
In the mild category, this chili sauce is a perfect way to get your taste-buds ready and spice up your meals.

The Red Savina is a hot sauce with Red Savina Habenero.
Slightly stronger than the 70% Habanaro this chili sauce allows you to reach the hot category while being apple to fully appreciate its aroma.

The hot sauce Roasted Garlic Ghost is a sauce composed by Habanero but also some Naga Ghost pepper, which in 2012, was the strongest chili pepper in the world.

After having tasted the first two sauces, your mouth should be slightly readier for the heat and will allow you to discover this new recipe while enjoying the surprising flavors of a very hot sauce.
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