High River Sauces · Foo Foo Mama Choo


hotness scale 6


This powerful sauce is a creation of High River Sauces.
With grilled peppers, fire roasted tomatoes, Carolina Reaper chili pepper and strong spices, this Tex-Mex sauce match for any recipe created with meat and even vegetables.
The name of this sauce “Foo Foo Mama Choo” comes from the daughter of Steve Seabury (the cooker if the sauce) who tried, when she was a kid, to turn his dad into a dragon. Her magical formula was “Foo Foo Mama Choooooo ! ». Today, this fire-eater sauce has taken an important place in the collection of chili-heads !


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grilled Red pepper, mature vine, rice vinegar, roasted tomato, soy sauce, allspice, brown sugar, Carolina Reaper, citric acid, garlic, ginger, onion, salt, tomato juice, water, white pepper


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