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Quesadilla chicken with Kankun sauce

Yields1 ServingPrep Time20 minsCook Time20 minsTotal Time40 mins

Quesadilla Chicken wiht Kankun sauce

 Mexican Jalapeño Kankun Sauce
 2 tortillas
 chicken breast
 100 g cheese that melts well (tilsit, mozzarella) or feta cheese
 Jalapenos in jars
 handful of iceberg salad
 1 red onion
 1 lime
 0.50 bouquet of fresh coriander or flat parsley
 water, oil, white vinegar, salt

Peel and cut the red onion into thin strips. In a bowl, put 1dl of very hot water, salt and 1dl of white vinegar. Mix it well. Cover it and chill for at least 30 minutes. These will be your red onions pickles for the crunchy.


Cut your chicken breast into small pieces, place it on a plate and salt it at will. Put in the fridge without covering for 30 minutes.


Drink a beer.


Cut the chosen cheese into strips, chop the fresh herbs (coriander, parsley or both), cut the iceberg salad into strips, set aside.


In a bowl, put 2 tablespoons of Mexican Jalapeños Kankun Sauce and 1 tablespoon lime juice, mix well.


Heat your pan over high heat. Remove chicken from fridge and wipe well with paper towels. When the pan is hot, add oil and chicken. Let chicken brown for a few minutes, then reduce heat to medium and add hot sauce and lemon juice. Mix regularly, the chicken will be coated with sauce and the liquid reduce little by little. When there is no liquid left in the pan, set aside.


Place the tortillas flat and garnish half of all the ingredients evenly: lacquered chicken, cheese, pickled red onions, jar jalapeños, iceberg salad, fresh herbs. Then fold the tortillas in half, dividing the filling.


Place a paper towel in the pan to remove traces of chicken and heat over medium heat. Add oil, then the two quesadillas.
After 2 or 3 minutes, check the colour and turn it very slowly. (I advise to take one out of the pan, turn the other by lifting it on itself and making it slowly fall on the other side, then put the other on the other side. Immediately salt the cooked sides, leave to brown for 2-3 minutes on the other side. When cooked, place it on a cutting board and salt immediately.


Cut each quesadillas into 4 triangles (like you would slice pizza) with a good knife and serve immediately with hot sauce for dipping and lime quarters.